New Earth Life Sciences - Ghana

Dear New Earth Ghana Associates

As many of you are aware the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic has had a dramatic effect on not only the health and wellness of many it has also had a disastrous impact on global economies.

Given this new and difficult environment many of our Associates are adjusting to the impact of their new circumstances on their daily lives as they prepare themselves and others for the changes that are upon us. Unfortunately, these same circumstances have created struggles for many in the Ghana market. Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to them.

As New Earth also adjusts to these changes and new realities we have come to the difficult decision that we must close operations at this time. Business operations will conclude February 28th at the close of the business day. Final commissions will be delivered in March.

We love Ghana and her people and do hope that in time we may return at a future date when circumstances are more favorable. We thank you for all of the wonderful work you have done and the blessing that you have been to our company.

May your future endeavors bring you joy and blessings.

New Earth