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Years of extensive study document the many diverse health benefits of RENEW. Throughout the years RENEW has been thoroughly researched to better understand and document the profound benefits on physical and mental health. There are thousands of personal testimonies of the benefits experienced when consuming RENEW and there are also multiple scientific research articles to further confirm these positive results.


Stem Cell Nutrition—RENEW

RENEW is a unique, patented combination of natural ingredients that have been found to work synergistically to support the growth of, and protect, adult stem cells. Research suggests that these nutrients can help promote natural adult stem cell renewal in your body by means of an interaction with those stem cell populations. The RENEW formula helps this process in two ways. First, by providing nutrition for stem cells to reproduce. Second, via its antioxidant capacity, by protecting existing stem cells from the harmful effects of free radicals. This antioxidant capacity is especially important because during the natural aging process adult stem cells are known to have a reduced regenerative capacity. As oxidation of iron causes rust, our bodies heal less effectively if cells are damaged by free radicals. Antioxidants can reduce the body's vulnerability to age-related health issues, and so help us achieve a healthier life.

Developed by leading university scientists, this remarkable formula assists in the propagation of adult stem cells, which, when combined with proper diet and exercise, support the maintenance of optimal health.

Scientific Study Summaries

Effects of Blue-green Algae Extracts on the Proliferation of Human Adult Stem Cells in Vitro: A Preliminary Study

Shytle RD, Tan J, Ehrhart J, et al. Med Sci Monit. 2010; 16(1): BR1-5.

Conclusion: When Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) algae is combined with other natural ingredients, proliferation and increased health of stem cells occur.

Summary: As a person ages their stems cells aren't as healthy and do not regenerate as readily. They also become much more susceptible to oxidative stress. Stem cells are cells that can differentiate into different specialized cells. They are found all over the body in many organs including bone marrow, peripheral blood, umbilical cord blood, spleen and more. Stem cells serve as a repair system for the body, so the death of and damage to stem cells can result in a reduction in the body's ability to heal itself.

The Renew base formula is a formulation that has previously been tested for its ability to proliferate adult stem cells. The Renew base formula is made up of blueberry extract, green tea extract, carnosine and vitamin D3. AFA research indicates that it may also have the ability to proliferate adult stem cells. Water and ethanol extracts of whole or cellular AFA were used to study AFA's effect on adult stem cells. Various doses of AFA (0.0625 - 0.5 mg/mL) were tested alone and in combination with the Renew base formula.

AFA, in high doses, alone had moderate results on the proliferation of adult stem cells. However, when a high dose of AFA was combined with the Renew base formula it increased the proliferation. The ethanol extract of cellular AFA had the best results. These results suggest that Renew's base formula combined with a high dose (0.5mg/mL) of ethanol extract of AFA may increase proliferation of stem cells.

Doctors Note: Stem cells are cells that can differentiate into different specialized cells, within the organ or location they originated. This allows them to act as a repair system in various tissues in which they are located. There are two types of stem cells, embryonic and adult stem cells. Embryonic stems cells are just that, stem cells from an embryo and adult stems cells are from both children and adults.

As a person ages, these stem cells do not regenerate as well and become more susceptible to oxidation. Oxidation is when a free radical steals an electron, stabilizing itself but in turn making the other cell an unstable free radical. If a stem cell is oxidized it is damaged and can no longer do its job of repairing tissues.

Stem cell treatments are currently a hot topic in research. In stem cell treatment healthy stem cells are used and introduced to damaged tissue, diseased areas or injury. This treatment has the potential to treat cancer, Parkinson's disease, type II diabetes, Celiac disease, cardiac failure and more.

Stem cells are very important to our health and to the future of medicine. AFA extract blended with other natural ingredients have been shown to have the ability to increase stems cell proliferation and prevent oxidation of the cells. Supplementing with Renew can be beneficial to those who are aging and losing the ability to regenerate and maintain the health of their stem cells.

Nutraceuticals Synergistically Promote Proliferation of Human Stem Cells

Bickford P.C., Tan J., Shytle R.D., Sanberg C.D., El-Badri N., and Sanberg P.R. Stem Cells and Development. 2006; 15:118-123.

Conclusion: A positive dose dependent result on the proliferation of stem cells was found when blueberry, green tea, catechin, carnosine or vitamin D3 was added to the cells in vitro. The combination of these powders offered a synergistic effect and had even greater results on the stem cell proliferation.

Summary: Stem cells are currently under investigation because they are thought to have the ability to help promote healing and aid in the treatment of various diseases such as cancer, diabetes and Parkinson's disease. They are currently used like transplanted tissue to treat these conditions. However, little has been done to enhance endogenous stem cells to promote healing.

Blueberry, green tea, catechin, carnosine and vitamin D3 are all natural substances that are thought to aid in the proliferation ("reproduction") of stem cells. By enhancing the proliferation of stem cells a person could potentially live a healthier life by avoiding disease or improving existing conditions. In this study the substance previously described were tested in vitro with bone marrow, CD34+ and CD133+ cells (all of which are different types of stem cells). After the initial individual testing of each substance, they were each combined with the blueberry powder and tested. A combination of all of the powders was also examined. The results were compared to a positive control, meaning that the control was already known to aid in the proliferation of stem cells.

All of the individual substance had a dose dependent impact on the proliferation of the cells, meaning that the higher the dose was, the more the substance promoted cell proliferation. When the substances were combined with blueberry they all had even greater results. When tested with the CD34+ and CD133+ the combination of all of the substances had the greatest impact on cell proliferation. From this, the study was able to conclude that the natural compounds tested can promote the proliferation of stem cells in vitro and the combination of all of the substances had a synergistic effect.

Doctors Note: Stem cells are found in various organs throughout the body including bone marrow, blood, the brain and the umbilical cord. They can differentiate into other cells, and they act as a repair system for the damaged cells in our body. Without adequate healthy stem cells our body cannot repair other cells as needed and this can lead to various conditions or diseases including some types of cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

Currently stem cells are being transplanted via bone marrow to help those with leukemia and other blood/bone cancers. But, more simple solutions are being sought after and therefore natural compounds, like those discussed above, are being studied.

Oxidative Stress of Neural, Hematopoietic, and Stem Cells: Protection by Natural Compounds

Shytle R.D., Ehrhart J., Tan J., et al. Rejuvenation Research. 2007; 10 (2): 173-178.

Conclusion: The blend of natural ingredients known as Renew base formula was found to reduce oxidative stress-induced apoptosis both in vitro and in vivo.

Summary: The Renew base formula blend has already been studied for its ability to proliferate stem cells, and now it is being tested for its ability to reduce oxidative stress-induced apoptosis (cell death). The previous study indicated that oxidative stress limits the stem cells ability to regenerate. As a person ages and their stem cells become more prone to oxidative stress their bodies don't have the ability to heal itself as well anymore.

The Renew base formula is a blend of blueberry extract, green tea extract, carnosine and vitamin D3. In the previous study these powders had a synergistic effect when promoting the proliferation of stem cells. In this study they tested the supplement powder in vitro and in vivo. In vitro, the Renew base formula was found to reduce oxidative stress and lower total cell death. Each individual component of the Renew base formula was tested and showed a decrease in cell death, but the synergistic effect of the Renew base formula combination showed a much greater decrease in cell death. This synergistic effect was also observed in vivo.

The in vivo study was done on mice and they were given either a "low" or "high" dose of the supplement. The results showed a dose-dependent decrease in cell death however, both doses were able to reduce oxidative stress on the cells. With these results the study was able to conclude that the Renew base formula supplement blend has been shown to be able to defend against oxidative stress in vivo.

Doctors Note: Oxidative stress can be very harmful to the body. Oxidation occurs when electrons are stolen from cells, turning those cells into free radicals that then cause damage to other cells. This turns into a snow ball effect, because the free radicals keep stealing electrons from cells to stabilize themselves but also creating more radicals in the process. When enough damage has been done, this chain of events can eventually lead to apoptosis or cell death. This damage may be linked to neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases.

Antioxidants are typically the first line of defense against oxidative stress. The antioxidants will donate one of their extra electrons to stop the long chain of destruction. However, sometimes the antioxidants are not naturally plentiful and must be supplemented. Renew's base formula supplement blend has been shown to be able to defend against oxidative stress.

Dietary Supplementation Exerts Neuroprotective Effects in Ischemic Stroke Model

Yasuhara T., Hara K., Maki M., et al. Rejuvenation Research. 2008; 11 (1): 201-214.

Conclusion: Supplementation with a natural ingredient blend, Renew base formula, has been shown to have a neuroprotective effect when given prior to a stroke in an animal model.

Summary: Stroke is one of the leading causes of death, with few expensive therapies for treatment. This lack of therapies for such a large population has warranted the research for finding new ways of alleviating the suffering of stroke victims. Currently caloric restriction or fasting has been shown to help alleviate symptoms related to stroke by increasing neurogenesis. Neurogenesis is the "birth of neurons" which more simply means the repair and growth of the brain. In this study it was assumed that the counterpart of caloric restriction, increasing the nutritive diet, could also be therapeutic and initiate neurogenesis. How a nutritive diet supplement could promote neurogenesis and benefit those who have suffered from a stroke was examined in this study.

Rats were given a supplement blend of blueberry, green tea, vitamin D3 and carnosine, together the blend is known as the Renew base formula. The animals were supplemented with the Renew base formula for two weeks, then underwent stroke surgery (inducing a stroke), and then given the supplement for two additional weeks after the stroke. Both the control and the treated groups suffered from neurological damage after the stroke. However, the group receiving the Renew base formula had significantly less damage in both neurologic and motor tests as compared to the control group. The Renew base formula treated rats also showed less damage done to the brain.

Oxidative stress can also cause damage to the brain. The substances found in the Renew base formula blend are all known to have antioxidant capabilities. Overall the study found that the antioxidant power of the blend along with its ability for neurogenesis makes it very appealing as a neuroprotective agent.

Doctors Note: A stroke occurs when there is a lack of blood flow or blockage of blood flow to the brain. The lack of blood causes the brain to rapidly lose function. This can lead to neurological damage, complications and death. A stroke can end up being very debilitating, making a person go through intense therapies during rehabilitation, sometimes never fully recovering. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, anticoagulation drugs, and nutrition are a few of the leading causes of a stroke.

Due to the severity of strokes, prevention and adequate rehabilitation is extremely important. Sometimes clearing up the clot or blockage can be as simple as taking certain medications and other times a person will have to get surgery to get rid of the clot. Since a person can lose brain function from a stroke, proper protection is very important. Currently the Renew base formula blend has shown to have neuroprotective effects if taken before a stroke. This is due to its neurogenesis abilities and the antioxidant properties of all of the components of the blend.

A Natural Therapeutic Approach to Optimize Spatial Memory Performance and Increase Neural Progenitor Cell Proliferation and Decrease Inflammation in the Aged Rat

Acosta S., Jernberg J., Sanberg C.D., et al. Rejuvenation Research. 2010; 13 (5): 581-588.

Conclusion: The Renew base formula dietary supplement improved the proliferation of the progenitor cells and helps improve cognitive function in aging adults.

Summary: There is a large amount of evidence that demonstrates that as adults age, they lose cognitive function. The stem cells located in the brain, known as progenitor cells, cannot proliferate (reproduce) as well as they used to when one ages. This can impact a person's stem cell environment in the brain and has a negative influence on the function of these cells.

Stem cells can differentiate into other cells and function as a repair system for the body. In turn, when the function of these cells becomes compromised there can potentially be negative side effects possibly resulting in a neurodegenerative disease. Also contributing to this effect is oxidative stress, pro-inflammatory cytokines (proteins that cause inflammation), and microglial (immune cells in the brain) activation, since these can increase as a person ages.

This study examined the effect that a blend of blueberry, green tea, vitamin D3 and carnosine powders, called the Renew base formula, would have on the progenitor cells in aged rats. Aged rats were given the supplement for 3 weeks and were compared to control aged and young rats. The rat's behavior and memory was tested via a Morris Water Maze (MWM). Along with this test the rats were also examined on a cellular level to determine the changes that occurred while being supplemented with the Renew base formula.

It was found that the aged rats given the Renew base formula had better results in the MWM, demonstrating that these rats had significantly decreased their loss of cognitive function as compared to the control aged rats. Three different markers were studied on the cellular level. The changes in these makers demonstrated that the Renew base formula was able to increase proliferation of the stem cells, decrease inflammation and increase neurogenesis (growth of neurons in the brain). Overall, supplementation with the Renew base formula showed very positive results by demonstrating an improvement in cognitive function in aged rats.

Doctors Note: If we can keep our brains healthy by protecting against oxidative stress and other foreign invaders we could possibly be able to maintain our cognitive health as we age. The results of this study demonstrate that supplementation with Renew in humans could be beneficial to cognitive health and prevent of neurodegenerative diseases.